Sod Installation

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Looking for a new fresh, lush green lawn? The Greed Seed can help. We can usually install a
lawn up to 1000 sqft in a couple days. As an eco-friendly company we only use Tall Fescue sod which is our regions most drought tolerant turf grass. Tall fescue is also shade and heat tolerant and requires less fertilizer than the average lawn. The grass can go a longer period of time without irrigation because the deep roots can extract water from stored soil water. It is also known for it’s dark green color, and wear resistance.

At The Green Seed we go the extra mile to ensure that your sod installation is of the highest quality. We take extra steps to give your new lawn a clean and level appearance and to kick it off with a healthy start.

While there are a number of factors that go into sod installation cost such as access issues,
rocks in soil etc. our price for installation of Tall Fescue sod is usually between $3-4 per sqft.




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