The Green Seed Sustianable Landscaping, Design+Build, Eco-friendly landscape desgin

Family owned & operated, sustainable landscape design + build.

Austin and Emily opened Green Seed in 2014. After a few years of running 3 crews out of the Montavilla neighborhood in Portland, the Green Seed moved to Canby, Or. At this time the Green Seed also scaled back to only one crew to focus on quality Sustainable Design and Build projects. Together Emily and Austin collaborate to create a mixed media design that combines beauty and function to transform your outdoor space. They make a one of a kind team where they bring their unique set of skills, knowledge and experiences to create a design that will showcase your yard.


Austin - Owner/Foreman

Austin is an educated and knowledgeable landscaper who has a passion for plants and gardening. He has a BS Degree in Natural Resources from Oregon State University, with a wildlife focus. Austin has wide variety of knowledge and experience in landscaping, planting, rain gardens, hardscaping, etc. Austin grew up on a rural property and started his training in the field early while helping maintain and improve his parent’s property and farm. In high school he held his first real job as a landscaper. After working on his associate degree Austin entered into the internet/computer industry but missed his work in the outdoors.

Austin went back to the university to finish his bachelor’s degree in his late 20's and during this time worked for a native plant farm which helped fostered his love of plants. After graduating the university Austin was a freelance landscaper for a while before taking a job with another sustainable landscaping company to gain more experience. In the summer of 2014 Austin decided it was time to start his own company. With a truck, small trailer and some basic equipment Austin started The Green Seed. Emily came on board soon after and together they quickly grew the company from a landscape maintenance company into the comprehensive sustainable design and build company that it is today. [LCP# 15729]

The Little Seeds

Three of our favorite helpers are the smallest of the bunch. They keep us on our toes and are fun, bright and active! They love dirt, grass and being outdoors. They are our fairy house consultants and playscape idea testers. These three make up a crucial part of the team.


KODA - Shop/Nursery Dog


Emily - Owner/Designer

Emily is a passionate landscape designer, crew memeber, and business owner. She has a BA in Communications from OSU and an AAS in interactive media design from Chemeketa CC. She has been helping Austin grow the The Green Seed since 2014. In her time at The Green Seed she has run the office, website and marketing but her true passion is the Landscape Design.

Emily's appreciation for landscaping and plants started as she helped her Dad care for their yard. She has fond memories of weekend trips wandering around the local nursery. Throughout the journey of growing a small business, Emily has worn lots of hats but realized the best part of her work is creating living beautiful art with plants.

Emily has always been a creative designer and artistic person. After several years of hands on experience and learning the ins and outs of the landscaping trade the transition from interactive media designer to landscape designer came naturally to Emily. She can be found inside working on inking beautiful landscaping plans and keeping things moving behind the scenes; o r she is also often in the field building retaining walls, patios or helping with planting. 

The Green Seed is a preferred contractor for the Backyard Habitat Certification Program a group effort by The Portland Audubon Society and Columbia Land Trust to help reduce the impact of urbanization on our native wildlife populations. The goal of the program is to eliminate invasive plants and increase the use of native plants and garden features such as a rain gardens to provide habitat for native wildlife and reduce pollution in our watersheds which is detrimental to our local aquatic species.

The Green Seed is uniquely qualified to assist you with Backyard Habitat certification because the owner Austin has a degree from OSU in Natural Resources with a wildlife focus and has worked a variety of jobs related to habitat restoration and native plant care. He has been a birder for 15 years and has extensive knowledge/experience and is extremely passionate about conservation of our native wildlife and plant species. His training and experience makes The Green Seed uniquely qualified to develop and/or implement a plan for getting your yard Backyard Habitat certified.

Backyard Habitat Preferred Contractors list.

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